The Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day – Hardcover

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Laila the llama makes a surprising discovery that whisks her away on a journey with new friends to exotic places. Together, they uncover a mystery and set off to explore the world as they transform a typical day into No Ordinary Day. Come join the trolifeous trio of Laila the llama, Truman the toucan, and Weston the wolf on their expedition to learn, imagine, and explore together!

This is the perfect illustrated children’s book for parents and kids who love exploring the world, making new friends and learning new things.


The Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day – Hardcover

Product Description

The Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day is the first volume in a four book series where a llama, toucan and wolf travel the world in a hot air balloon and uncover a mystery together. This is the perfect illustrated children’s book for parents and kids who love exploring the world, making new friends, and learning something new.

  • Author: R. J. Doolittle
  • Illustrator: Lynn Hue
  • Ages 6-9
  • ISBN: 978-1-7364994-0-5
  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2021917037
  • Printed in USA
trolifeous (trō lif’ ē us) adjective: full of enthusiasm to learn, imagine and explore.

Additional Information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 0.5 × 11.5 in

Hardcover, Smyth-Sewn

Print Length

50 Pages




Trove Life

Publication Date

September 2022



33 reviews for The Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day - Hardcover

  1. Lorie H

    “Look around, there’s so much to see and do!” It’s one thing for a grandmother to say this to her grandchildren, yet it’s quite another to hear it from the mouth of a llama!
    My five grandchildren and I had our senses delighted and our curiosity piqued as we followed Laila the lovable llama on her escapades. Along the way we met Laila’s adventurous friends and together we embarked on a fast-paced, world-wide, clue-gathering adventure that left us excited to uncover more tales from this troupe of “Trolifeous Types”. Be sure to look carefully for clues creatively placed throughout the book! If I were not retired from teaching, I could see myself using this book to launch my students into a social studies and geography unit. The applications and learning extensions are endless.
    “It’s a new day and new adventures await!”

  2. Viki R (verified owner)

    Just picking up Tales of Troliferous Types for the first time was a pleasant experience in itself. The hardback cover actually has a soft feel to it which immediately made me want to sit back, relax and see what this new vocabulary word was all about. As a retired art teacher, the cover alone, with its amazing artwork was so inviting.
    My children and grandchildren are grown now but my love of children’s books still draws me in. Trolifeous Types is engaging, entertertaining and educational, even to this Grandma!
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful, thoughtful and happy book and I believe, one for all ages.

  3. Greg K (verified owner)

    Fantastic book! It is so thoughtful and engaging across many different topics for the kids to learn, enjoy, and experience. What a fun blend of story, language, learning, geography, animals, adventure, and more. Its the kind of book that combines so many engaging topics that our kids already brought the characters into real life after the first read. They saw a stuffed Llama at a store and excitedly pointed “there’s Laila!”.

  4. Trevor K

    This is no ordinary children’s book. R. J. Doolittle, Lynn Hue, and the whole Trove Life team have put so much thought and care into every page and illustration. A truly unique feature, and my personal favorite, is how the book can be read at both a basic and advanced reading level – if you follow the large bold text, you’ll get an easier read for younger kids – if you move through all the text, you’ll get to take on some more advanced vocabulary. This book takes its readers seriously, no matter the age or reading level.

  5. Jesse H

    My daughters (7 and 9 years old) loved this book! As a family from South America we loved the setting and beautiful illustrations. We can’t wait to read the next book where the intrepid travelers explore Africa!

  6. Cynthia S

    This is a great tale of adventure and friendship. It is guaranteed to enchant children and stimulate their imaginations. It is beautifully illustrated. My grandchildren loved it.

  7. Jennifer H

    “The Tales of Trolifeous Types” tells an engaging story that introduces young readers to a vibrant world of imagination and learning. The book’s advanced vocabulary enriches language skills while keeping the story entertaining and informative. The colorful illustrations bring Laila’s adventures and the diverse characters she meets to life, making it visually captivating. I found this book super enjoyable!

  8. Lynn F

    What a delightful tale of adventure with colorful characters whose curiosity is contagious! The author’s clever use of words makes it as fun for the adults as well as the children.
    It does what any good children’s book should do, insight children’s imaginations and cause them to engage in conversations about what could possibly happen next!

  9. Lisa A

    A delightful read! Beautifully illustrated book with words and pictures that jump off the pages. A wonderful asset to any library. Intriguing and captivating in the classroom and at home. It can be appreciated by all ages. Excited to see the next adventure!

  10. Karina C

    Hooray for The Tales of Trolifeous Types! I highly recommend the audiobook as well which is so fun to listen to while diving into the illustrations more. The colors are so rich and I love that there are some words that are larger on the page, which makes it easier for younger readers to follow along. I purchased this book for my nephews who are too young to read, but they love all the animals and vibrant images. The thoughtful detail of the plot and drawings (maybe some clues for future books??) is amazing. This really is the adventure book I needed!

  11. Alv C

    Our kids love the characters! They easily remember their names! The different countries travelled to are fun for them to further explore and brings forth great questions!

  12. Chris E

    What a delightful book! An enjoyable read for all generations!
    And the illustrations are so great that even younger children will enjoy this book.

  13. Ian J

    “What’s a hot air balloon a type of?” asks my 3 year old about a dozen times a day after we’ve read this book to her, and insists on calling our car a hot air balloon when we’re about to “travel” to school. She loves having my wife and I read it to her and seeing all the fun friends Laila meets on her journey, and going back over all the colorful illustrations. The story really is fun for kids and the positive attitude of all the characters in the book is really sweet. She really hopes there is a fun giraffe to be friends with in the next book!

  14. Marv and Cinda F

    It is a very enjoyable read full of joy and surprise. Children will delight in this book and will be drawn to the lovely illustrations and vibrant colors. Excited for the next book that is sure to take us on another whimsical adventure! It is wonderful to be transported to these magical places!

  15. Lorie L

    Our family enjoyed this book! The words used are colorful and the theme is creative! We are looking forward to the next adventure they go on!

  16. Michelle C (verified owner)

    The Tales of Trolifeous Types is a delightful children’s book that takes you on a a fun adventure with the lovable Laila the Llama. Our daughter was captivated by the vibrant and imaginative illustrations which perfectly capture the spirit of adventure and wonder that the story conveys. This book is a must-read for any child who loves animals, travel, and imaginative storytelling. Overall, The Tales of Trolifeous Types is a charming and engaging tale that is a must have for any children’s home library. We have enjoyed this book every week!

  17. Carla T (verified owner)

    What a book! So much fun! My kids enjoy it every time I read it to them. Perfect bedtime story. Looking forward to many more adventures from this great author.

  18. Allie B

    Our family thoroughly enjoyed this book! It sparked curiosity, laughter and learning. The characters are fun and relatable, the illustrations are beautiful and vibrant and the story is adventurous and exciting! We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the trolifeous types!

  19. Josiah H (verified owner)

    My daughter’s attention was immediately captured with the beautiful illustrations and bold bright colors of “The Tales of Trolifeous Types”. This book has a refreshing balance between story content and visual content, compared to todays typical Childrens books containing mere one-sentence pages. As we finished the last lines of the book, my daughter immediately inquired when we could read the next one! Looking forward to the continued adventures…

  20. Ruth L

    What a delightful book! Fun to read and with a positive message. Stirs the imagination. Beautiful artwork. Can’t wait for the adventure to continue!

  21. Emily S

    This book is wonderful for building vocabulary and the artwork is very bright and refreshing. Excited for future stories and characters in new countries!

  22. Parul M

    The Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day is a wonderful book for toddlers! My son is 3 years old and he immediately connected with the theme of adventure and travel in the book. The quirky animal characters add fun and color to the story. He wants to go to South America in a hot air balloon now! Highly recommend it!!

  23. Gail C

    This book was a hit with my 3 grandchildren! They each liked something different: geography, Laila’s glitzy accessories, colorful illustrations, and all the characters… Now they all want to go on a hot air balloon ride! Looking forward to new adventures, new places, and more learning.

  24. Sarah M

    Fantastic book with gorgeous illustrations! My kids love this colorful book and its inspiring story about friendship, bravery, and new experiences. We also love the world map in the back of the book, which features passport-like stamps on the countries that Laila & co covered in their journey. We hope our Trolifeous types will visit other continents/countries in future books so we can vicariously collect more stamps as Laila, Truman, and Weston travel to more new places around the world. This book is a wonderful addition to our bookshelf, and we hope to read more stories about this sweet trio of friends.

  25. Jason W

    This book is already a favorite in our house! The story is captivating, imaginative, and educational (even including music). The graphics and design are beautiful and well-laid out. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book for children, and look forward to the release of future tales!

  26. Lauren K

    “The Tales of Trolifeous Types” is such a wholesome, engaging book! The vivid colors and beautiful illustrations draw the reader in to the creative story line. The key words on each page are highlighted in bold font, making it adaptable for younger ages.

  27. JP J (verified owner)

    What a fun way for both children and adults to learn about geography!! I learned some new geographic locations myself. Great illustrations and story and looking forward to the next adventures that will follow. Great work!!

  28. Scott G

    Wonderfully illustrated opener captures the adventures of three newfound amigos to fuel curiosity in physics, geography, vocabulary, and music.

  29. Raquel T (verified owner)

    Colorful “big” vocabulary to teach older kids and stimulating illustrations with an adventure packed story to engage the younger ones too. This is such a fun book with a good amount of text to help young kids transition into “chapter books” as their next step!

  30. Amy C (verified owner)

    I love the complex vocabulary, thoughtful explanations and diagrams, and engaging story line. This is a very unique picture book that will engage an older kid, but also has captivated my preschooler. Definitely a great read a loud for a parent, teacher, or librarian. We can’t wait for the next adventure!

  31. Marie A W

    So imaginative, colorful & witty! Well done! Looking forward to more adventures!

  32. Shannon M (verified owner)

    Our children absolutely loved the wonderfully entertaining and educational story! Not to mention the beautiful illustrations. This is one of those books in your library that you’ll never put in the “give away” pile in years to come. We will save it for our grands. Tales of Trolifeous Types: No Ordinary Day Is timeless, NOT a watered-down, cheap or cheesy storyline, instead, it is fascinating, engaging, and brilliant. Our children have asked us to order the next book while insisting “but Mom, it says ‘The “Tales” of Trolifeous,’ that means there has to be more than one to read.” So I guess if we had to find anything to complain about, it would be that we are anxiously awaiting books 2, 3 & 4. We would like to be added to a preorder list, please?

  33. Donella J

    I love it. The art work, colors, and story line are priceless!! AMAZING

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